Exerpt from From Whence They Came

     This went on for two [y]ears. There were people constantly coming and going; soldiers from the North and South, taking whatever they wanted and leaving the residents of the Beady Plantation with nothing, most of the time. They never stayed long, usually just overnight. But it always made her feel uncomfortable having soldiers on the plantation. You never knew what they would do or what they would take. Most of the time the soldiers only took food and whatever supplies they could find. But on many occasions Eular had caught soldiers looking at her with that hungry look in their eyes. She knew that look and what it meant, and she hated it. So far none of the soldiers had "taken" her. There had only been the occasional groping, but Eular had managed to stay one step ahead of the soldiers.
     There had even been colored soldiers once! The day they came through would be a day Eular would never forget. It made her so very proud to know that there were colored soldiers fighting for their freedom. They looked so grand in their uniforms, and their conduct was above reproach. There had been no hint of disrespect towards her or Mammie Sarah or the Mistress. Some of the soldiers had talked and flirted with Eular. After all, she was a beautiful young woman. But none of them had treated her like she was property, for the taking. Eular appreciated the way they made her feel, like she was a person.

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