Saturday, November 13, 2010


Greetings all. This is my first post on my blog. It's official, I have entered the 21st century! I've created this blog to share news about my book; From Whence They Came; the Genealogical History of an African American Family, and to keep you posted of upcoming events and speaking engagements.

From Whence They Came documents the triumphs and struggles of eight generations of my family, beginning with my great-great-great grandmother, Eular, a slave on a plantation in Virginia. It begins with her leaving that plantation right after the Civil war, and travelling south to look for her two daughters that had been taken from her. I interweave historical events into the actual lives of the Burdette family, and I attempt to capture my family’s unwavering commitment to each new generation of Burdettes. 

When you read this factual account, it may seem somewhat familiar to you, especially if you are of African descent. It is an extraordinary story, and it could very well be your story, a story of survival, endurance and perpetual hope!

From Whence They Came can be obtained from,,, and

Miracles and Blessings

Caron Allen

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